Since most people who visit the Disney World Theme Parks live in Florida…it only makes sense that the Florida Resident Specials are going to be the biggest discounts which Disney offers. If you have not noticed, Disney World tickets increased a couple of weeks ago and while many sites have posted the new ticket prices online, not many of them have published the new Florida Resident discount ticket prices (below you will see we have done this for you).

New Disney Florida Resident Ticket Prices for 2011.

3 Day Base Ticket       $138 Adult      $127 Child

4 Day Base Ticket       $172 Adult      $ 158 Child

5 Day Base Ticket       $ 214 Adult     $197 Child

As you can see, a three day Florida resident base ticket is $138 while the 3 day base ticket to non-Florida residents is $232 so the savings is quite substantial.  In order to qualify for the Florida resident specials we can order the tickets online for you but you will have to pick them up at the Will Call desk near the parks. Disney has guests pick these tickets up at will call to prevent non-Florida residents from purchasing them and trying to use them at the parks. If a guests should go to the will call window and they cannot produce a Florida drivers license or a Florida issued ID then they will not be able to pick the tickets up. It is important that if you are going to use Florida resident tickets that you will need to bring your Florida ID with you…this is the only way Disney can know for sure that you are a Florida resident.

In addition to getting great discounts on theme park tickets we also offer great hotel deals to Florida residents. If you come during the slow season such as