I thought it would be fun to rate the 4 best water parks in Orlando. Now let me say this is by no means a scientific study and I did not even survey other guests about which ones they like the best. This is just one mans opinion on the best water parks in Orlando.

1. Blizzard Beach- Whenever Disney decides to do something, they usually do it really well, and with Blizzard Beach it is no exception. This is a great water park with a lot of great rides.

2. Aquatica- Sea World out did themselves with this water park. It can be really crowded (yes even more crowded they Blizzard Beach) but it is a really great park to visit. My favorite attraction is lazy river. Now this lazy river is not like any other lazy river I have been on, you actually put on a life vest and jump in. Make sure to pick your feet up and current will wisk you away. Most lazy rivers include a raft or an inner tube but not this one.

3. Typhoon Lagoon- I really had a hard time ranking Typhoon Lagoon third on the list because it is a really nice park. It is a little smaller than Blizzard Beach but bigger than Aquatica.

4. Wet and Wild- In any other city Wet and Wild would be the hottest attraction around; however, Orlando has some really tough competition. This park has a lot of fun rides but it’s location and not being directly tide to a major theme parks is the reason of the low rankings.

Please feel free to post a comment about your favorite Orlando water park.