Recently I went to Canada for a quick weekend getaway with one of my good friends and it was a total adventure and not in a good way. The flights were never on time and the delay on one flight caused us to miss another flight and the whole trip just snowballed from there.

Often times we are asked by guests who we recommend for an airline and we are usually very reluctant to give any of them our recommendation. However, I read a report recently that Airtran, which is based in Orlando, and SouthWest Airlines were ranked number one in both customer service and percentage of on time flights. The ironic thing about this news is that Southwest is in the process of purchasing Airtran Airlines and the sale should be completed the first few months of 2012. These two airlines are also two of the largest and least expensive carriers which service the Orlando International Airport, so I would check their prices first.

Here are a few tips if you are looking to fly into Orlando:

  1. Fly direct if you can…the more layovers you have the more chance for the airlines to lose your luggage or for delays.
  2. Remember, almost all the airlines are charging for bags so pack as lightly as possible.
  3. Orlando is probably going to be hotter than where you are traveling from. It would be a good idea to wear a short sleeve shirt and a jacket when leaving your hometown this way you can shed the jacket when you get here.
  4. Get to the airport at least 90 minutes before you are scheduled to depart.
  5. Make sure you have proper ID and check-in online. This way you can print your boarding passes the night before and have everything ready prior to leaving for the airport.
  6. Plan for transportation from the Orlando Airport to your lodging destination prior to leaving your hometown. Remember, if you are planning on taking a taxi from the airport to a hotel near Disney World it will cost you around $40 or more.
  7. Wear comfortable, side on shoes when flying. Remember you need to take them off to go through security.