Walt Disney World and the other Orlando theme parks and attractions are normally your main vacation destination, but there’s no reason your lodging can’t be a destination, too. Orlando has many amenity-packed hotels and resorts, but often a vacation pool home is the perfect choice.

What are the main benefits of attractive vacation pool homes? There are five of the best reasons to choose a vacation home:

1) Your pool is private. When you stay at a hotel, you’re sharing the facilities with hundreds of other guests. That means the swimming pool gets crowded on hot days and during peak seasons. You’ll be surrounded by jumping, splashing bodies in the pool, and it’s often a challenge to find a nearby chair to watch the kids wile they swim.

When you stay in a vacation home, the swimming pool is all yours, and there’s plenty of space around it to kick back and relax. Your family gets exclusive use of the pool itself and all the related related amenities, like an attached spa, outdoor furniture, and BBQ grill. The kids can use inflatable toys, rafts, and pool noodles that are often banned in public pools.

2) You’ve got plenty of space to spread out. A vacation pool home is just that: a home, with everything you’d find in a residential house It has spacious living areas, a fully appointed kitchen, dining area, bedrooms, and full bathrooms. Better yet, it’s often packed with entertainment options like video games, a pool table, and even possibly a home theater.

Hotel rooms feel cramped when you’re traveling with skids in tow. Depending on the size of your vacation pool home, everyone can often have his or her own bedroom and spread out around the house. Multiple bathrooms mean there’s never a wait. Here is a great article on what to expect from our vacation homes.

3) You save money. Big families mean booking multiple hotel rooms or a potentially pricey suite. Vacation pool homes are geared to larger groups, so the per-person cost breakdown is less than a hotel, even though you’re getting so much more.

The home’s full kitchen lets you go grocery shopping and cook your own meals, which saves you money. Your luggage fees are reduced, too, since you can bring less clothing and do a few loads of wash in your vacation pool home. You’ll also save on theme park tickets if you schedule one day to just hang around the house and enjoy the pool and other amenities.

4) You have privacy, peace and quiet. Hotels in Orlando are packed with families, which means that noise is the norm. Kids love to run through the halls, screaming with excitement. They don’t think about the people in other rooms, but the noise can be a disaster for you if you just lulled the baby to sleep and all that racket wakes her up again.

Staying in a vacation pool home eliminates much of the potential for noisy neighbors. You have your own private home that’s just for your own family. Most vacation pool homes are large enough to give family members their own space so your older kids can be playing in one area while you put the younger ones down for a nap if you’re taking an afternoon break from the theme parks.
5) You’re centrally located. Attractive vacation pool homes can be found near Disney World and all around the Orlando area. Choose your home based on which theme parks and attractions you plan to visit. Will you be spending all your time at Disney? Do you plan to go to other parks, like SeaWorld Orlando, Universal Studios, or Legoland Florida? Do you want to be close to other attractions, like miniature golf courses and go-karts Do you want stores nearby? You’ll find a home that matches your plans.

Orlando and Kissmmee have lots of tourist traffic, but many families choose to stay off the beaten path. There are plenty of attractive vacation pool homes just outside the major tourist areas. Select one of them for a more relaxing atmosphere.

You can’t take your home on the road with you but a vacation pool home is the next best thing. You’ll enjoy all these advantages and more if you book one. To check out our vacation homes please visit http://orlandovacation.com/home-rentals/