You can literally walk miles in a typical day at Walt Disney World seeing the sights in the theme parks and around the resort. If you have impaired mobility or another medical condition that limits your ability to cover long distances, you’ll need some help to get the most out of your trip.

Motorized scooters aren’t just for people whose problem lies with their legs. They’re used by those with mobility-limiting handicaps like diabetes, arthritis, cardiac problems, and respiratory issues. Sometimes old age itself is a limiting factor. Even if you’re a senior citizen in reasonably good health who can get around without assistance on a typical day back home, you might not be able to make it through hours and hours of walking and standing on a Disney vacation.

A motorized scooter can transform an exhausting day into an enjoyable experience. With a scooter, you won’t be forced to cut a theme park visit short and miss rides or shows you wanted to see because you’re just too tired.

If you need a motorized scooter during your trip to Disney World, where should you get one? The theme parks all offer rentals, but they’re sent out on a first come, first served basis. You might not be able to get a scooter if you get to a park later in the day or are visiting at a busy time of year.

The best option is to get a scooter for the entire length of your stay from one of the many rental companies in the Orlando area. They’ll deliver it right to your Orlando hotel or vacation home and pick it up when your trip is over, and the cost is less than what you’d pay for daily rentals at the parks. You know you’ll have your scooter every day, with no worries about park scooters selling out. You’ll have it at Walt Disney World and any other theme parks or attractions you decide to visit.

A motorized scooter typically runs all day on a single charge. Simply plug it in when you get back to your lodging and it will be ready for the next day’s adventure.

Theme park rental selections are typically limited, but off-site scooter rental companies have different vehicle types and sizes. Don’t worry if you’re Pooh-sized, as you’ll find models that can fit guests up to 500 pounds. Some companies have water resistant scooters that are more reliable during Orlando’s infamous summer thunderstorms in case you get caught in a downpour.

If you rent a motorized scooter and are getting around in rental car, reserve at least a midsize vehicle to make sure you can easily transport the scooter. It should disassemble very easily, and the heaviest parts are typically under 40 pounds.

Walt Disney World and the other theme parks are very accommodating to guests who use motorized scooters. Stop at Guest Services when you arrive to pick up a special guide map for guests with disabilities. It will have details on scooter access at each ride and attraction.

Some queue lines accommodate scooters, while others require you to use a different entrance. Shows and parades have dedicated handicap seating and viewing sections, but these can fill up so you’ll still need to arrive early. If you have to park your scooter at a ride or show, don’t forget to take the ignition key with you.

Book your motorized scooter before your trip so it will show up at your hotel or vacation home promptly on your arrival day. Scooter rental companies include:

Apple Scooter: 321-SCOOTER
Orlando Mobility Scooter: 352-348-1770
Randy’s Mobility: 321-281-6603
Scootarama: 877-736-8328
Walker Mobility: 888-SCOOTER

Always check online reviews and compare prices with several companies before choosing a scooter rental firm.

There’s no reason to let limited mobility slow you down at Walt Disney World. With a rented scooter, you’ll be able to easily keep pace with the rest of your family.