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Epcot Innoventions

Epcot Innoventions

The purpose of Innoventions is to showcase technologically advanced products and services from many of the world’s technology leaders. Innoventions is a large hands-on and visually exciting exhibit that’s constantly changing. Its goal is to offer guests a preview of consumer electronics and computer technology that’s new, but not necessarily currently available in American homes. Everything here is interactive. There are many exhibits to explore. In “Where’s the Fire”, guests compete on a hunt to find the fire hazards in all of the rooms. The “Home of the Future” takes visitors on a tour through a state-of-the-art house that is showcases immerging home technology. “Rockin’ Robots” features large robotic machinery usually used in factories doubling as a rock band. There’s also the Disney Interactive Lab where you can play the latest Disney video games.

There is no height requirement for this ride.

Age: Attraction Review:
ages 2-4 There are not many exhibits designed for younger children.
ages 5-10 Some of the exhibits, such as Where’s the Fire can be fun for children.
ages 11-15 Any teen interested in video games or technology could spend hours playing in the Innoventions exhibits.
ages 16-adult Adults may find the sponsored exhibits to be too commercial, but any adults interested in technology should find many of the exhibits to be a good diversion.
senior citizens The technology of some of the presentations is interesting, but in general this attraction is loud and noisy and caters toward the younger crowd.

When to Visit

Innoventions has no line so you can visit whenever you want. It’s especially great when it’s raining as it provides a covered path, or when it’s hot as it’s nicely air conditioned.

Disney World Facts

  • Innoventions was originally the home of an attraction called Communicore, which had scientific exhibits based on modern technology.
  • “Where’s the Fire” is an early test of the technology that will be used in an upcoming Disney World attraction, Toy Story Mania at the Disney-MGM Studios.
  • Check out the cute robot, Tom Morrow 2.0. The original Tom Morrow is at the Innoventions pavilion located in Tomorrowland at Disneyland in California.