orlandovacation_kids-happyIf you’re a dad trying to juggle the needs of your daughter and your son, and still keeping everyone happy, you know how difficult this can be. When one of your children is all about swashbuckling and the other prefers tea parties, it can seem that there’s no option other than living with one happy child and one disgruntled child at a time. Take these tips into consideration to try and keep the whole family happy.

Make your intentions clear

Oftentimes children simply don’t step outside of their own needs and consider the needs of others. A simple conversation can go a long way toward helping your kids understand that if they want to get what they want, then they have to go along with what others want.

Give them control over their trip

If you involve your kids in the planning process they’ll know exactly what to expect and they’ll be more likely to be flexible. Let them each pick one favorite thing to do each day. Make it clear that if they want to do their thing every day, then they have to do what the other kid wants without complaining. Even if your daughter has to dress up as a pirate or your son has to suffer through tea the Grand Floridian, it’ll be a lot easier if they know they have their own reward coming.

orlandovacation_meet-charactersConsider splitting up

It can be tempting to insist that the entire family spends the entire trip together, but if there are some activities that simply aren’t going to be enjoyed by everyone, then it’s wise to consider splitting up for part of the day. Not only can each child do exactly what they want without worrying that others are having a bad time, but when you meet back up again everyone will have lots to talk about.

Don’t take your kid’s interests for granted

Kids can be super into something one week and over it the next. As a result, don’t assume that your daughter is going to want to meet all the princesses, or that your son will insist on meeting Buzz Lightyear. Often times parents will put their foot down, force one child through something for the sake of another, and realize later that neither child was particularly interested in the activity.

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