It’s not uncommon for business travelers to find themselves in Disney World. After all, Orlando has one of the largest convention centers in the country. Many travelers don’t even consider stopping by Disney World because they worry it isn’t a place they could enjoy alone, or that they’d feel guilty being there without their kids. The reality is that traveling to Disney solo can be the experience of a lifetime.

orlandovacation_disney-world-detailsTour at your own pace

Whether you’re a slow mover who typically visits Disney with people who want to cram as much into one day as possible, or the opposite is true, traveling alone gives you the opportunity to tour at exactly the pace you’d like. This might mean slowing down and taking in some of those magical little details that Disney does so well, or it may mean speeding up and skipping past the character spots you usually wait in line for hours to see.

Skip what you want to skip

When you’re traveling alone you never have to compromise! Ride Expedition Everest a dozen times, or spend an hour relaxing and riding the PeopleMover over and over again. Once again, you’ll have no one to answer to and can take things as they come.

orlandovacation_peoplemoverEat at some amazing restaurants

Some of the best restaurants in the parks and surrounding Orlando area can book up months in advance, but often there’s room for a table of one. Barring that option, many restaurants have bars that serve the full menu. If you’re traveling alone it stands to reason that you’ll have many more dining options than if you’re traveling with a group of 10.

Don’t stress being alone

Remember that everyone else is there having the time of their life – they’re not paying any attention to you. Of all the places you could travel alone, Disney World gives you an incredible amount of anonymity.

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