You know what to pack for a family vacation: sunscreen, snacks, plenty of changes of clothes, bathing suits, etc. But there are some items specific to a Disney vacation that you likely don’t know about. Let’s peak at a few that will make your wallet happy, and a few that will delight your kids.

Bring a single golf ball

If you want to really impress your kids, and you plan to ride Soarin’, one of the most popular rides in all 4 parks, then bring a golf ball from home. This ride features a simulated hand gliding experience over various locations throughout California, and in one famous scene a golfer hits a ball right toward the riders. Have the golf ball in your hand, and when he slices it toward you hold your hand up and exclaim, “I caught it!” Your kids will be delighted as they think you did indeed catch the golfer’s ball.


Bring a small red jewel

A similar trick can be done in the PhilharMagic show at the Magic Kingdom. During the Little Mermaid Scene, a red jewel comes floating out to the audience, or at least it appears to thanks to 3D magic. Keep the jewel in your hand and reach over to hand it to your kids when the scene comes on.

Bring an autograph book

There are characters throughout all 4 parks, and many parents are surprised to learn how much their kids love interacting with these delightful cast members. Each has their own unique signature and filling up an autograph book is a great way to bring an essentially free souvenir home. Assuming of course that you bring your autograph book from home. If you wait until you get to the parks, you could be spending more than $20 for a not-particularly-exciting book.


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