Plenty of dads have braved 300+ minute long lines to make sure their little princesses get a chance to meet with Anna and Elsa, but many of those same dads have been frustrated that Disney hasn’t seemed committed to doing anything to shorten those lines. Dad’s Guide to WDW is reporting that there’s been a significant change to the way this meet and greet will work – at least for now.


Limited Time Return Time Test Run

Starting immediately, and likely lasting for only a few days at first, instead of a 300+ minute line, Disney is testing a return line system. As soon as the Anna and Else standby line fills up, additional guests that arrive will be directed to the Park Support Area, which is located near the Carousel. There they can get a return time, which includes a 30 minute window.

The standby line will be closed and only people who have gotten a 30 minute return window will be allowed to come in. The plan is to reduce wait times to 30 minutes or less.

Will This Work? Our Opinion

The idea is a great one – and let’s face it, it works out well for Disney because what they really want is you spending money in the parks, not waiting in line. Only time will tell if it works as well as it could, but keep in mind that FastPass+ will continue to be available for this attraction too – though they need to be booked as soon as you’re able to book them.