Taking your teenagers on a trip will build lifelong memories, but the teen years can be a violate time. Denise Witmer created an interesting article with the top 10 tips for parents of teenagers. Read on to learn our favorite 5.

1.         orlandovacation_teens-vacation-tipsLet your teens make some of the decisions

Giving your teen a say in the decisions of your travel will let them have some ownership over the trip and allow them to feel responsible for the outcome – which will lead to an effort to enjoy it more. Let them plan out a day, and stick to what they choose. The only things you should change is something that is impossible. For example, if their plan includes a 5 minute break to get from Epcot to the Animal Kingdom, that will need to be corrected.

2.         Set the rules before you leave

You want the trip to go as smoothly as possible, so the last thing you want is to spring a surprise on them after you’ve arrived in Orlando. Make their curfew, budget, and other rules clear before you leave home and you can skip the meltdowns once you’re there.

3.         Don’t sweat the small stuff

There’s no question that consistent parenting is important, but it’s also true that vacation is a different time. Let your teens be kids again and know the difference between behavior that requires a reprimand and behavior that can be let go while you’re on vacation.

4.         orlandovacation_roller-coaster-teensLet them have time to themselves

Your teens will be adults soon and it’s important for them to venture out on their own while they’re in safe territory. You know your kid best and know how much they can handle. This doesn’t mean they should take the car and drive around Orlando by themselves, but perhaps once you get to the parks you could give them one afternoon to explore on their own.

5.         Don’t make it all about them

You may be heading to Disney for your kid’s sake, but don’t forget this vacation is for you too! There are tons of ways to pamper yourself, relax, and enjoy a delicious adults-only meal. Set some time for yourself and you’ll find much more patience with your teenagers.

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