Want to know the best time to visit Disney World? If you like to visit when the crowds are low, the weather is great and you can snag a bargain, consider traveling in early spring. While this week marks a peak time to visit Disney World (and the other Orlando theme parks as well), once the Spring Breakers leave, you’ll find late April is one of the best times to visit.

Ride the Tower of Terror with minimal waiting when you travel in May.

Why visit when crowds are low?

Low attendance means you’ll spend less time waiting in line, and more time having fun. Fewer waits mean that you can ride more, see more, and do more while you are here. Local resorts and hotels often offer discounted rates for the weeks between Spring Break and the start of the summer season. Book now for early May and you can visit during one of the slowest, most relaxed times of the year.

Choosing the best time to visit Disney World means researching the crowd levels and choosing the least crowded time for your visit. The number of people in the park is one of the factors you can’t control, but one that has the biggest impact on your trip. Choose late April/early May for your trip and skip the crowds entirely. Not ready for spring travel, but want to avoid crowded conditions? Consider these dates for your trip instead:

Least crowded times to visit Orlando:

  • January through early February
  • Just after Spring Breakthrough late May (avoid Memorial Day weekend)
  • Early September through early October
  • Early November (avoid Thanksgiving)