Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park welcomed some new residents this year. Three rare kunekune pigs debuted in the park in January and are preparing to meet guests in the Affection Section.

Tucked away in one corner of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Conservation Station is accessible via a comfy, slow moving train. It is well worth the time to visit if you are traveling with kids, thanks to the plentiful animal encounters and fun character greeting opportunities.

The new arrivals are currently working with animal keepers and trainer to learn how to meet with guests at the hands-on Affection Section part of Conservation Station. Kunekune pigs are small, as far as pigs go. They top out at about 100 pounds, and come in a variety of colors.

The kunekune pigs are clever animals that like to learn and are being taught a variety of new skills that will allow them to interact with and enjoy spending time with visitors. They are also very cute; each of the trio is a different color, with a sweet face and slightly furry appearance.

The Affection Section has been in need of new residents for a while— the area has been mostly goats for a long time, so the pigs will add some nice variety to the experience.  Look for the pigs in training now, and meet them in the Affection Section later this year.