The Disney Company announced the arrival of a new character greeting spot at the Magic Kingdom this week. Starting in late May, guests can meet Merida, star of the forthcoming Pixar film Brave.

Merida will be arriving late in the month, and will be taking over the area once occupied by Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Disney’s popular animated film, Tangled. Rapunzel will be moving to a different part of the park (the new location is rumored to be on Main Street USA), so you will still be able to meet her when you visit.

The newest images released by Disney are sketches of the proposed meetup area, complete with renderings of Merida, a lot of archery equipment and some props and scenery designed to mimic those found in the film.

Since the movie will debut after the park character, visitors to Disney World will get a preview of what the film will be like. While the park has not yet released details on exactly what will be offered in the area, they have confirmed the character appearance, and hinted about kid’s activities and other possibilities. Watch this spot for more details as May approaches, and prepare to meet Merida if you are visiting Orlando this summer.

by Samantha McNesby for