It is easy to let your guard down when you visit the happiest place on Earth—but scams and crime can and do happen in Orlando. Be aware of some of the common scams that take place in the area and you will be able to avoid being taken advantage of.

Food delivery scams: You can find attractive flyers with tempting food of all types offering incredibly low prices all over Orlando. The catch is that when you call to order, your credit card info is taken and used, but the food never appears. Alternatively, the food appears, but your credit card is charged at a much higher rate. Avoid this scam by ordering from your resort, a known chain or a restaurant recommended by the concierge or hotel staff.

Fake Tickets: Buy your Universal, Sea World and Disney World tickets at the front gate, or directly from the company or your booking agent before you arrive. If you book a package, your tickets will be included. Never buy tickets secondhand or from a stranger—they’ll get your cash, but the tickets won’t be valid.

Fake hardships: You’re approached outside a gas station, grocery store or fast food joint by someone who claims to be stranded, hungry and broke. While there are legitimately homeless or troubled people in any city, some of the scammers in Orlando and Kissimmee work the same areas over and over, making an income from helpful and sympathetic tourists.

Avoiding Orlando Scams: You can cut the chance of being scammed down considerably by staying at on on-site resort in Disney or Universal, and sticking close to the theme parks. Alternatively, rent a luxury home in an actual neighborhood, and head to more local-friendly destinations that are out of the tourist areas to avoid the worst areas for scammers.