Spring has arrived in Orlando, and with it come high temperatures. In many cases the temps are high enough to drive the beastly residents of the Animal Kingdom theme park into hiding. Use these animal viewing tips to be sure you actually get to catch a glimpse of animals when you visit the park in spring or summer.

Arrive early: Get to the park before the temperatures begin to climb and you’ll be able to spot a lot more animals. Climb aboard Kilimanjaro Safaris before it gets too hot and you’ll have a better chance of seeing lions, cheetahs and more. The big cats in particular find a cool place to hide by noon on hot days.

Listen to the guide: Your Kilimanjaro Safaris driver will point out animals along the way. These directives are often lost in the ride patter, but if you pay attention, your driver will help you spot some of the animals on tour. When you visit an exhibit on foot, ask the cast member in charge of the area for viewing tips; he or she can generally point out the animals quickly, and will know where the critters hide when it is hot.

Look up – or down: Most animals, particularly the small ones, won’t be standing front and center in the exhibit area. Look up in the trees and into the undergrowth if you are having trouble spotting the creature in the exhibit, and if the day is hot, check the shaded area. Most of the critters on display are wise enough to seek out the coolest, most shaded spot in their enclosure.

Climate control: Save exhibits with a lot of shade or climate control for the afternoon. Not only will you up your chances of spotting animals, but you’ll stay cool yourself. Bird and bat enclosures, part of the Maharaja Jungle Trek and most of the Oasis are in cool areas and animals can be spotted throughout the day.

by Samantha McNesby for OrlandoVacation.com