Disney Vacation 2021

Tips When Planning Your Disney® Vacation 2021

No matter when you’re planning to visit Walt Disney World®, you’re bound to have a good time because it’s Disney®. No matter how you plan your trip, be sure to enjoy this unique lifetime experience. That said, there are some tips for planning your Disney® vacation 2021 that can help ensure you make the most of your time.  […]

COVID 19 Changes to Hotels

Changes to Hotels Post COVID-19

As we have slowly reopened after the COVID-19 pandemic, there are changes being made to hotels to ensure safety. Some popular practices must be postponed, like the buffet breakfast. New protocols are also introduced to ensure that travelers and employees feel safe and protected. Here are some ways the hotels will and have adapted. Contact […]

Disney World Face Painting Review

Want something fun to do while the park is crowded, or while the thrill riders in your group are off exploring Everest or Space Mountain? Stop by one of Disney’s face painting stations for a quick makeover. Fast & Easy The face painting process is fast and easy. You’ll pick the look you want from […]

3 Ways to Beat the Heat in Orlando this Summer

With daily highs in the triple digits, summer in Orlando varies between hot and unbearably hot. If you are not used to the intense heat and humidity, you’ll spend a lot of your time sweltering in the heat. Take some clues from a frequent visitor and use these tips to stay as cool as you […]

Best Orlando Theme Parks for Teens

Whether your teen is into movies, art or superheros, there’s a theme park to match in Orlando. While resorts, clubs and roadways may vary, the main Orlando theme parks are safe for teens on the go. The Disney parks in particular can be a good place to let a teen roam alone without supervision for […]

Avoiding Disney World Scams

It is easy to let your guard down when you visit the happiest place on Earth—but scams and crime can and do happen in Orlando. Be aware of some of the common scams that take place in the area and you will be able to avoid being taken advantage of. Food delivery scams: You can […]