orlandovacation_disney-world-packing-checklistTraveling to Orlando for business is a lot easier than traveling to many other places simply because Orlando sees so many business travelers every day that all your specific needs are anticipated and met. However, there are a still a few tips that can be a lifesaver on business trips.

1.         Get yourself a checklist

Don’t assume you’ll remember anything – even the most obvious things. Start a checklist that includes both personal and professional items and check them off as you add them to your bag. You can keep a copy for future trips and always be ready to simply go down the list and grab the essentials.

2.         Grab some pills

Taking two pain relievers a few hours before your trip can help prevent many of the symptoms of jet lag. Skip the headache, fatigue, and neck ache and other unnecessary and uncomfortable side effects of traveling by being proactive.

3.         Pack an energy bar in your carryon

orlandovacation_snack-for-carryonNo matter how short your flight is, or how long your layover is, you should always have an energy bar in your carryon. You never know when you’ll get stranded and need the extra boost. You can also pack packets of nuts, fruits, and other high energy, low-sugar options.

4.         Keep track of room numbers

You may think it’s easy to remember what room you’re in, but in this day and age many keys don’t have the numbers on them. When you’re in Boston one week and Orlando the next, the hotels can start to blend together in your memory. The simplest option is to create a note in your smartphone and always have your number easily accessible.

5.         Don’t skip the local flavors

It’s common for business travelers to arrive at their destination, be ravenously hungry, and simply grab a bite to eat at whatever chain restaurant is closest to them. While this will certainly do in a pinch, a better option is to hop on a site like Yelp.com to find the best local restaurants near you. When you get a fresh, unique, local meal, you’ll be glad you did! You can also use this site to read reviews and check out your options before you leave on your trip. When you arrive at your destination you’ll be ready to sit down for a delicious meal.


Business travel has many challenges, including finding the right balance between business and pleasure. With so much to do in Orlando it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Your best option is to do what you can and appreciate every memory you make. Even with weeks in the area you still couldn’t see everything there is to see, so don’t put too much pressure on your trip.