Savvy travelers are always looking for new ways to save at Disney World – and there are lots of ways to do it! The family who simply hops on Disney’s site and book their trip is looking at an expensive vacation indeed. However, the family who takes a few minutes to find the best deals on accommodations, tickets, and more will find that Orlando can actually be a very affordable place to visit. Check out this blog on Twelve Money-Saving Tactics at Disney World or check out our favorite four below.

1. Consider other Orlando options

Of course, you’re going to visit the Disney World parks while you’re in Orlando, but don’t forget that there are actually many other fun attractions in the area. Take a trip to Gatorland, Wet ‘n’ Wild, SeaWorld, or another local attraction. You can even drive just an hour or so to see the beach. Taking a day off from Disney not only saves you money, but it can be a great way to relax and unwind without taking the entire day off.


2. Travel during off-peak times

This tip gets repeated over and over again – and for good reason! Your trip could cost as much as 40% less if you travel in non-peak times. What does that mean? It basically means avoiding Orlando during any time that most schools are out of session. A popular option is early December, late January, early February, and most of the month of October. As you plan your off-peak trip keep an eye out for three-day weekends that may occur during what you think is a non-peak time but ends up making it peak-time.

3. Never pay full price for theme park tickets

Some travelers are nervous about trying to buy discount theme park tickets – and for understandable reasons. There are plenty of booths set up near the parks that may or may not offer legitimate tickets. You’ll find online scammers who try to sell you non-legitimate tickets, too. So how do you know where to get real, discounted tickets? Stop by our discount tickets page and work with a company that’s well respected and has a long history of satisfied customers.

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4. Stay off-site

There is absolutely no reason to stay at a Disney resort hotel. Not only will it cost you a lot more, but you’ll be at the mercy of expensive Disney restaurants and overinflated prices for literally everything. Rent a nearby resort hotel or Orlando vacation home and enjoy steep savings on your lodging, plus the ability to make your own meals or eat at local restaurants that don’t have the Disney markup. This one tip can save you thousands.