So you’ve decided to rent an Orlando vacation home. Great choice! You’ll get tons of amenities, lots of privacy, and tons of space. Your next step is to choose the home you want and work to get the best rate. Check out these great tips that can help you save big on your vacation home rental.


Consider your dates

It’s a simple case of supply and demand: the more popular the time of year is, the more expensive vacation homes will be. As a result, try to travel during the off season if you can. This basically means anytime school is in session in most of the country – though there are a few exceptions. For example, the Disney World Marathon is an incredibly popular time to visit the parks. You’ll find few vacancies during this time, and those that are available will be going for top dollar.

For the lowest crowds and the lowest rates, try traveling in the beginning of December, in late January or early February. Just keep an eye on three day weekends, as those can be both busy and expensive.

Work with a low price rental agent

When you work with you’re guaranteed the lowest rate. This allows you to shop for an Orlando vacation home with confidence! You know you’re getting the best rate, yet you can still shop around for exactly what you want. Why settle when you can have it all for less?


Consider where you’re willing to stay

Renting a home that’s 5 minutes from the parks will be considerably more expensive than renting a home that’s 15 minutes from the parks. Does that 10 minutes really make that big of an impact on your vacation? Being willing to stay just a little further out can save you huge on your vacation, so consider all your options before making a final decision.

Bring more people with you

Some vacation homes can house up to 7 people at once. If you’re a family of 3 consider asking some close friends to come with you. You can then rent the largest house available, everyone will have plenty of room, and you’ll be halving your cost of accommodations. You can also work together to share babysitting duties and other tasks that can make your vacation more relaxing.

Look for all the discounts available

Be sure to consider discounted park tickets, cooking your own meals in your home, and other ways to save money. Finding the perfect vacation home is a great way to enjoy your trip in style, and when you cut costs in other areas you may be able to splurge for a home with a nicer pool or that private Jacuzzi you’ve been dreaming of.

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