Taking the kids on vacation by yourself is a great way to get some serious bonding time – but it can also be frustrating, overwhelming, and chaotic. The best way to avoid these pitfalls is to have a plan and follow these three simple tips. NBCNews posted a great article called A Single Dad’s Survival Guide: Have Fun and Make Lasting Memories with Your Kids. Take a look at it in its entirety or check out our favorite great tips.

orlandovacation_orlando-theme-parks1.         It’s all about the destination

Of course the first decision you’ll make is where you want to take the kids. Some parents believe that finding an off-the-beaten-path option will be better, since the crowds tend to be lower and it may seem more manageable than a place like Disney World. However, there are a few reasons that a popular destination like Disney World or Universal Orlando might be great choices after all.

Remember that these places are created specifically for the entire family to enjoy. That not only means that there’s something there for kids and adults of all ages, but that some of the challenges you’d experience as a single parent have been considered and will be taken care of. For example, Disney World offers special kid’s camps that are effectively babysitters that allow you to enjoy a delicious dinner or a night out on your own, while the kids enjoy the incredible experience of spending time with Mickey Mouse himself.

2.         Know your stuff

No matter where you choose to travel, make sure you take the time to know as much about it as possible. You can check out our trip planning resources to get the basics and then take a look at the various ways you can get discounted tickets, rent affordable vacation homes, and view the best Orlando resorts. The more you know about your options the better your decisions will be.

3.         Get everyone on board

You’ll need to make the big decisions on your own, such as whether to stay in a resort hotel or rent an Orlando vacation home, but let the kiddos take part in some of the smaller decisions. For example, request free maps from Disney World and let the kids plan out a route for one of the mornings. Let them know which rides they can ride, based on their height, and watch YouTube videos of ride-throughs so they can get an idea of what each ride is like. The kids will be so much more excited about the trip if they’ve played a role in planning it.


These simple tips will help you achieve exactly what you want: an incredible vacation that’s full of exciting memories everyone will have for their entire lives.