Taking teenagers to Disney World can be a truly magical experience – but it can also have its challenges. With their ever-changing emotions and energy levels, teens can be a handful. Let’s take a look at 3 simple tips to make sure everyone has a good time on your next Orlando trip.

1. Be Flexible

There are a lot of advantages to planning every moment of your time at Disney World. The right plan can ensure you see everything and can significantly cut down on the time you spend waiting in line. However, don’t get so caught up in your schedule that you don’t stop to smell the roses. If your teenager decides they want to ride Splash Mountain three times in a row, the smiles you’ll get in return will be well worth deviating from the schedule.


2. Keep an Eye on Their Fashion

If your teenager is a fashionista in training, be sure you draw some hard lines when it comes to their clothes and shoes. Their flip flops may look cute, but they’ll regret them after a few hours of walking on hot pavement.

3. Don’t Pay Full Retail Price for Anything

There’s no getting around it: the prices at Disney have risen in recent years. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend your life savings on your trip. Buy discount theme park tickets before your trip, stock up on glo-sticks, and bring your own bottle of water. Remember that you can bring any food you want into the park, so let your teens pick a few of their favorite healthy snacks and bring them in with you. You could save hundreds alone just by skipping one meal in the park every day.


No matter what you do, keep one key thing in mind: you’re building lifelong memories with your teenager. Is denying them a second ride on Space Mountain worth the meltdown that comes after? There’s plenty of time for great parenting and setting boundaries. Consider relaxing them a little for your special trip.

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