You may think you’re a pro when it comes to business travel, but we recently came across an interesting blog by Mandi Woodruf at Business Insider that revealed some tips we’d never thought of before. Read the entire travel tips blog, or check out our favorites below.

Negotiate Your Way Into a Better Car

When you pick up your rental at MCO, you may not have to settle for what they give you. Just ask if you can upgrade and when they quote you a price, negotiate with them. Many travelers don’t realize that it’s possible to negotiate at the rental counter, but the truth is that if the rental company has cars that go unrented, they’re losing money.


A Simple Tennis Ball Can Relieve Pain and Suffering

It’s true – something as small and simple as a tennis ball can prevent the dreaded sore legs and back that business travelers so frequently get after sitting on planes for hours at a time. Just roll it under your feet, under your thighs, or down your back.

Unique Ideas to Catch Up on Sleep

If you’re like many business travelers, you occasionally have trouble sleeping when you’re on the road. This can be a much larger problem in the Orlando area, because you may be packing work into the days and theme parks into the evenings. The best tip to stay on a set sleep schedule is to get into a routine before you leave home. Perhaps it’s something as simple as wearing the same pajamas every night, or having a cup of a certain type of tea.

No matter what the routine is, if you do it consistently every night while you’re at home, and then do it while you’re on vacation, you will have trained your body that when you complete the task it’s time to go to bed. Many people have a much easier time sleeping when following this tip.

The Easiest Way to Get Hotel Upgrades


It stands to reason that if the hotel isn’t full, then you’ve got a shot at a free upgrade. Experts suggest the best way to get one is to ask when the front desk isn’t busy. Try something like “I know the hotel isn’t full tonight. Do you think you could upgrade me to a suite?” It is at their discretion, so be polite and avoid acting entitled.

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