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disney world charactersThere’s a reason that Disney World is referred to as “The Happiest Place on Earth”. From the moment you enter this enchanted place, you’ve begun a magical adventure…creating memories that will last a lifetime. This is also the reason that a million excited visitors arrive at the main gate every week. Disney World truly is a “world” all its own…at 40 square miles, it’s the equivalent to two Manhattan islands! With over 62,000 employees, this resort is the largest single-site employer in the United States. Sporting nine extraordinary parks that cover everything from rides to safaris…from swimming to a sports complex, there’s something for everyone.

Disney World Hotel Packages Designed For You

Packages are generally made from two items and usually include a hotel stay and tickets to theme parks. Our expert representatives at OrlandoVacation.com are constantly monitoring local changes in vacancies and are aware of theme park specials that can offer you the best discounts on Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World tickets.

Deciding which parks are most important to you is as essential as finding the perfect place for your family to stay. This is where your choices can seem a bit…daunting. First, you’ll need to decide if you’d prefer to lodge within the park or a short distance outside the park. OrlandoVacation.com can provide you with either option…at an affordable price that may surprise you with the luxury amenities that price includes.

Hotels Inside Walt Disney World

While the obvious advantage to staying within The Walt Disney Resort is the convenience of location, you are not limited to the extravagant price tag (in the $310-$1915/night price range) that is associated with the Disney-owned hotels. Affordable options located inside the park include first-class hotel resorts (also known as National Franchised Properties), with recognizable names such as Best Western, Hilton and the new Holiday Inn, to name a few, with prices ranging from $129-$189/night. A comparison of room amenities showed surprising similarities in scope to Disney’s “Deluxe” rooms. Due to Disney’s incredibly high standards, these hotels are held to the same level of excellence of any Disney property, as by virtue of their location, they reflect the high quality Disney requires. Check out your options and create your own vacation package here.

Hotel Packages Outside Disney

Embassy Suites disney world good neighbor hotel exterior photoAnother viable option is to stay right outside the entrance to the park, where the cost is vastly reduced but without sacrificing amenities. Ranked by Disney World as “Good Neighbor Hotels”, with familiar names such as Embassy Suites, Comfort Inn, Radisson and Holiday Inn, these properties offer substantial savings (rates from $63-$169) while remaining true to their competition by presenting comparable amenities. OrlandoVacation.com also offers deluxe single family homes, which offer quality amenities including private in ground pool, kitchens with full appliances and a choice of 3-5 bedrooms, (rates from $95-$133/night). Beautifully appointed in upscale designer décor, these homes offer space for a family to spread out and enjoy the luxury of home living while still allowing only a short drive to local parks and attractions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s up with the low/high prices on per night room rates?

  • We make every effort to provide our customers with a year-round view of applicable rates. Orlando has times of the year when demand for rooms is especially high, as in Christmas, spring break or during the summer months when children are generally not in school. This would result in higher room rates. Contrarily, during the autumn months, or following New Years would be referred to as “low season”, when rates generally decline. Traditionally, there are three months of “high season” (higher rates apply) and nine months of “low season” (lower rates apply).

I’ve heard Disney offers two extra hours in the park to certain guests. Do your on-site premises offer this?

  • Unfortunately, this option is not available within the packages we offer. We try our best to provide our guests with every available amenity at the lowest possible price but this is an option only available to guests who reside at a Disney-owned property. We’ve found that most of our customers honestly don’t miss those extra two hours!

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Did You Know?

disney world monorail with epcot in the backgroundDisney Parks are among the most photographed places in the United States, with photographers taking between 100,000-200,000 photos of guests per day. That’s a lot of smiles!

Since 1971, the total miles logged by Disney’s monorail trains would be equal to more than 30 round trips to the moon! And you thought your daily commute was long…

Disney’s Animal Kingdom encompasses a massive 403 acres and is the company’s biggest theme park. You’ll definitely feel like you’re on a wild safari.


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