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Enjoying the Disney Theme Parks During Pregnancy

Enjoying the Disney Theme Parks During Pregnancy

As long as you are in good health and have a healthy pregnancy, you can still enjoy most of what Disney World has to offer. You may have to pass on a few of the more vigorous rides, but you can spend some extra time checking out some of the more relaxing aspects of the Disney hotels and theme parks tickets.


Each of the Disney theme parks offers a map of attractions, shows and rides to arriving guests. Not only will the park map help you get from place to place, it will also help you identify rides that are not recommended for pregnant women. Disney maps designate rides that should be avoided with a red triangle; spot this symbol on the map and you won’t walk all the way to a ride, just to find out you can’t enjoy it.

In general, rides that have a height restriction or health warning are not ideal during pregnancy. While that sounds like a broad category, there are actually plenty of rides that you can enjoy when you visit Disney World during pregnancy. From “it’s a small world” to “Pirates of the Caribbean”, there are plenty of Disney attractions you can enjoy during your pregnancy.

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General health and Good Ideas:

Always check with your doctor before your trip; scheduling a checkup for just before your departure date can set your mind at ease about your health and your vacation. Bring along a portable copy of your medical records, just in case.

First Trimester

Visiting the Disney World theme parks during your first trimester shouldn’t be much of a challenge, provided you are in good health and don’t overdo. While you won’t be able to ride Expedition Everest or Space Mountain, you can easily climb aboard the many rides you can do; fitting into ride vehicles won’t be an issue.

Most women feel more tired than usual during the first trimester, so consider staying at an on-site resort and returning to your room for a nap or a rest each afternoon. You can also take advantage of Disney’s Extra Magic Hours program and make the most of your morning, then have a healthy lunch and take a break at your hotel.

If you are struggling with morning sickness, pack some crackers or a light snack to bring to the parks, and keep a supply of nausea-friendly snacks in your room. You’ll enjoy your trip a lot more if you pay attention to your body’s signals and don’t try to pack too much into a single day.

Second Trimester

The second trimester may be the ideal time to visit Disney World. While you will still face the same ride restrictions, you’ll probably feel a lot better once the typical time frame for morning sickness has passed. Most expectant mothers experience higher energy levels in the second trimester as well; making it an ideal time to explore the theme parks.

You’ll also be able to fully indulge your cravings. A visit to Epcot’s World Showcase can allow you to find just about any type of cuisine you are interested in; pick up Teriyaki Chicken in Japan and combine it with Funnel Cake from America, if you are in the mood. Take full advantage of the diverse food offerings at Disney and book the dining plan. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth from a dining package if you visit Disney World while pregnant.

Third Trimester

Double check your plans with your doctor before planning a big trip in your third trimester. While you probably won’t feel up to trekking all over the theme parks each day at this stage, you may enjoy a short, pre-baby getaway with your spouse.

Build in plenty of breaks and get lots of rest if you travel to Disney World during this stage of pregnancy. Consider staying at a monorail resort to cut down on the amount of walking and travel you need to do. You may want to bypass Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park entirely at this point; many of the park’s attractions are not pregnancy-friendly and exploring the park requires an extensive amount of walking.

If possible, consider scheduling a pregnancy massage at the Grand Floridian Spa during your trip. The Spa offers a package just for expectant mothers and you can add other services like a pedicure (helpful if you can no longer reach your toes!) If you are traveling with a family group and everyone wants to head to a water park or hit the thrill rides, scheduling a spa day can give you something relaxing to do instead.

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