You’d be troubled to know how many people planning a visit to Orlando don’t even consider renting a vacation home for the simple reason that they assume they’re expensive. After all, if resorts can cost hundreds of dollars per night, surely a home would be much more expensive? Many are surprised to learn that this is not always the case. In fact, some homes start at just $99 per night!

orlandovacation_disney-vacation-home-rentalWhile the low prices are exciting for some, others take this as a sign that there must be something wrong with them. They must be far away from the parks, have outdated furniture, or not be clean. Surely there’s a catch! The truth is that many of these homes are affordable and if you’re sure to work with a reputable company they’re also in excellent shape, convenient to the theme parks, and kept clean as a whistle. So why are they so affordable?

Many homes are privately owned with minimal overhead

Let us be very clear here: though many of the Orlando vacation homes are privately owned, that doesn’t mean you should rent directly from the owners. There are many issues associated with doing this, including the lack of accountability they have and the fact that private owners simply don’t have the experience or the time needed to professionally manage their own properties.

That said, many of the best deals are associated with private owners that work with professional property managers as a middle man. These managers know exactly how to offer the best possible deals to visitors just like you, while also maintaining the excellent experience you’ll need if they want to keep you coming back year after year. And trust us, we do!

orlandovacation_amenities-rental-homeThese are not one-and-done homes

Resorts get a lot of their business from families who stay for a night or two. These short trips mean a lot of extra costs for the resort, as they have to clean the rooms thoroughly and deal with check-in and check-out processes on a daily basis. However, vacation homes generally have a minimum stay of at least 3 nights – sometimes longer during busy times of the year. These longer stays mean that the owners can reduce their costs – and that reduces your costs.

You only pay for the amenities you want

Resorts are chalk full of amenities – which is great if you want them! However, if you don’t use them that’s basically money that’s gone to waste. For example, if you know you’ll be spending all your time at the theme parks and won’t be swimming, then you can choose a lower cost vacation home that doesn’t include a pool. You have total control and can choose exactly the home that works best for you and your family.