If it’s your first trip to Disney World then you’re likely overwhelmed with the sheer number of things you need to keep track of. Tickets, accommodations, meals – there’s a lot to do and see in the Orlando area! It’s common for newbies to forget to pack essential items, and while you can pick up most anything you need while you’re down here, this list of 3 essential items can help you avoid the hassle.

orlandovacation_sunscreen1.         Sunblock, Frog Toggs, fans, and other hot weather gear

The majority of visitors to Disney World visit during months with hot weather – but then again most months are hot in Orlando! If you’re traveling anytime between April and November, you need to come prepared for the heat. Not only does the temperature get high, but the humidity can be overwhelming.

The good news is that there are tools you can bring with you to handle these hot days. Sunblock is a must, and though you can buy it in Orlando it’ll be expensive. Frog Toggs or other cooling towels are miracles in the hottest of weather, and if you bring a personal fan along to keep you cool you certainly won’t be the only one! And course, don’t forget your water bottle! You can bring non-alcoholic drinks into the parks and you’ll certainly need them to keep yourself hydrated.

orlandovacation_comfortable-shoes2.         A bag you can carry around the park all day

This is a simple tip but so many people forget it! Remember that if you bring a purse that you must carry that your arms are going to be sick of doing so by the end of the day. Keep in mind that any backpacks you bring had better be weighted down lightly enough that they won’t overtire your muscles before the day’s halfway through. It’s up to you and your part to decide if one person will carry a bag with everything, or if the items you need will be distributed and everyone will carry their own bag. Just be sure you’ve carefully considered the options and packed accordingly!

3.         Several pairs of shoes

You may think it’s enough to bring your most comfortable pair of walking shoes, but the truth is you should have several pairs if at all possible. Even the most comfortable, most supportive shoes are going to cause blisters – it’s simply an inevitability of walking for miles every day. The last thing you want is to wear the same pair of shoes every day because they’re going to rub on those same parts. Bring foot powder, several pairs of comfy shoes, and moisture wicking socks to keep your feet dry and as comfortable as possible.