The Disney World in Orlando, Florida is an ever changing place of magical excitement and adventure. Apart from the wonderful rides you can enjoy at Disney World, there are also other attractions that are being added which include the expansion being constructed at Downtown Disney. This year, it will be expanding its entertainment attractions by offering the one and only ETX (Enhance Theater Experience) facility in the country. The auditorium 1 of Disney World Resort will include a 20% larger floor to ceiling screen, fully equipped with the latest in 3D technology. Other new attractions include:

  • New retail entertainment from RIDEMAKERZ will also open at Downtown Disney on the West Side. The store is planning to incorporate real – sized cars and a highly interactive experience that will allow park guests to build and customize their own RC vehicles. There are more than half a billion ways to create and modify a highly interactive mean machine and ever since this attraction opened in March this year, the majority of the visitors who went there were fully satisfied with their tinkering experience.
  • There is also a new facility at Disney World that caters to all your pet friends. All available pet hospitality services include basic grooming, board and lodging, dog camps, and special amenities are provided for those visiting Disney World with their lovable pets. There are also available luxury suites that are equipped with TVs, raised beds, and other excellent amenities for the comfort of your pets. Pets can also have outdoor activities that feature nature walks and social playgroups. There are also pampering services, depending on your choice of anything from ice cream treats to a pet spa.

These are just a few of the the many things that are new at Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. The lists are endless and Disney World guarantees visitors to have a fun filled adventure at their theme parks this year.

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