If you have decided to visit Orlando with all your family included, it is best to consider looking for Orlando kid friendly hotels where you can have an excellent base to enjoy some of the world famous theme parks in the area, including the newly opened Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios, Disney World, Sea World, Kennedy Space Center, and other wonderful tourist attractions in Florida. Aside from making plans for your itinerary, you need to give your accommodation a careful consideration if you want to really have a wonderful vacation holiday in Florida.

When looking for an Orlando hotel that is both affordable and kid friendly, you need to determine the type of accommodation the hotel offers. It would of course depend on your personal preferences and taste when it comes to a comfortable accommodation, but if you are bringing your kids along, you need to make sure that the ambiance is suitable for kids. You also need to consider the services they offer. There are hotels that offer free accommodation for kids twelve years old and below, as long as they are accompanied by an adult. This can significantly trim down your accommodation expenses. You can also look for hotels that offer free meals. A ten percent savings on your everyday meal is a big thing and you can use the money on other expenses that can surely provide you more excitement while on your Orlando holiday.

Picture of the Grand Floridian at Disney World

Another thing to consider when looking for a kid friendly hotel in Orlando is the amenities provided by the hotel. Some hotels in Orlando offer facilities excellent for families with kids. Kid friendly hotels often have onsite play-rooms where you can bring your kids so they can have fun while you are waiting for your adventure packed day to commence. It would also be good for you to find hotel accommodations in close proximity to famous theme parks like Disney World or Universal Studios in order to cut down on your traveling expenses.