When it rains, Disney World is totally different from just about anywhere else. In most vacation spots – or even in y our own hometown, rain may be a reason to cancel your plans or stay inside. While rain may cause a slight delay in Disney, in most cases it won’t affect your plans much it all – and may even clear the parks out for you! Here are a few ideas for coping with a rainy forecast in Disney World:

Head to the Magic Kingdom or Epcot’s Future World: Both the Magic Kingdom and Future World in Epcot are easy to navigate when it is raining; you can make your way from enclosed building to enclosed building without getting soaked. Wear a cheap poncho and you’ll be able to stay pretty dry as you visit the attractions.

Stay where you are: Except for a true tropical storm or hurricane, rain in Florida can pass pretty quickly. If you are in any of the theme parks, just stay put for at least a half hour. You’ll likely find the rain has passed—and a good number of the other guests have abandoned the park, resulting in drastically shorter lines.

Explore indoors: If you are staying in a Disney resort, take some time to explore the main buiding of your resort. Depending on where you stay, you’ll likely find some fun activities, be able to pick up some souvenirs and even grab a bite to eat at the on-site restaurant. If you aren’t staying onsite, you can still explore a resort—head to the Grand Floridian, Animal Kingdom Lodge or Contemporary, and you’ll find plenty to see and do when it rains.

Visit Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach: Is it crazy to visit a water park on a rainy day> Not at all – even the threat of rain will drive the park attendance way down, allowing you your pick of prime seats, access to the most popular rides and a more enjoyable water park experience. You may have to get out of the water if it actually rains, but storms pass very quickly in Florida, so you’ll be swimming again before you know it.