The IMAX version of Men in Black 3 had a record breaking Memorial Day opening weekend — and the fun doesn’t have to stop at the big screen. Universal Orlando’s fun and interactive Men in Black Alien Attack attraction has plenty of out of this world fun to offer theme park guests.

You’ll see some characters from the film in the ride, including agents and aliens, and you’ll get a chance to hunt down some alien bugs of your own. Rider beware, though, because these bugs fire back. If you’re not quick enough with your laser, you’re likely to get zapped.

Men in Black uses some of the same technology as Disney’s Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin, combining a ride with a story with a video game. You’ll get pulled into the story line and New York scenery, and you’ll get the chance to battle the extraterrestrials and bugs yourself (hint, shoot for the head or chest for best results).

As the ride concludes, you’ll get a different message and ending, depending on your groups score. Ride a few times and you’ll get a different experience each time — hopefully you’ll improve each time. Kids will enjoy the blasters — but aiming can be difficult for younger children.

Ride Men in Black in the morning on busy days, and head to the attraction in the middle of the day when the weather is hot–this ride is entirely indoors and air conditioned.