From busy lines to parades, eye catching stores and shopping kiosks to live characters strolling around, there are plenty of sights to distract a kid in any of Orlando’s theme parks. If your child gets so distracted that he wanders off–or if you simply lose track of one another in a crowd, there are ways to be reunited quickly:

Prepare in advance: Before you head to the theme parks, talk to your child about what to do if you are separated. Choose a place to meet that he can easily find, and review this spot when you reach the park. The car, monorail or bus ride that you take to the park is a great spot to review this information.

Examine the area: Make note of exits and entrances from rides and attractions. Many of the rides in Disney World and Universal have exits that are far from the entrances; make sure you are looking in the right spot.

Snap a photo: Snap a quick picture of the kids each morning. You’ll have an instant record of what your child looks like and what he is wearing. Show this to the park employees who are helping you; it will make him easier to spot.

Ask for help: Each of the theme parks has a set “lost child” protocol in place, so ask for help as soon as you determine that your child is missing. In Disney World, the cast member that finds your child (0r one that your child approaches) will be released from regular duty so that he or she can help reunite your family.

Lost children are taken to a designated lost child station, and will be kept safe and happily entertained until you are reunited.If you have a meetup location, you can relay this information to the nearest cast member, and they can call for additional help. Universal and Sea World have similar lost child protocols in place.

Don’t panic: Losing track of a child is scary, but kids go missing (and are promptly reunited with their parents) every day in the Orlando theme parks. The sooner you ask for help, the sooner you will be reunited.