In April, 2012, Disney World will close its longest and fastest ride for refurbishment. Epcot’s popular  Test Track ride will be closed all summer as it undergoes an upgrade and refurbishment.

Test Tracks refurbishment is expected to last several months, so if you are heading to Disney World this summer, this popular ride will not be available. The reopening date has not been specified; Disney has just indicated that the ride will reopen in “early fall”. While no exact date has been announced, visitors may see the ride reopen in time for Epcot’s International Food and Wine festival this fall. This popular event draws plenty of visitors to the park, and Disney will likely want one of the park’s best attractions to be up and running again by then.

The closing and upgrade of Test Track has been triggered by the renewed alliance between ride sponsor General Motors and Disney. Changes to the ride include the chance to create your own virtual vehicle and to test out said vehicle on a track. No word yet if this experience will include a simulator or other “Disney Quest” type experiences.

What does this mean to you?

If you are heading to Orlando this summer, expect Test Track to be closed. Since this ride is typically the second fastest to fill up (and run out of Fastpasses each day), you may find longer waiting times at Epcot’s other headlining attraction, Soarin’.

The right-hand side of Future World will likely be more congested, since only Mission Space will be open to draw visitors to the left. If you are looking for a quick snack or coffee, turn left when you arrive in Epcot, kiosks and quick service dining will likely have shorter waits in this area, since fewer guests will be wandering around this part of the park.