To facilitate guests to skip crowds and get straight to the fun, Disney World introduced Genie+ for its guests. It is a paid service that replaced their FastPass system after Covid. It lets visitors use their Lightning Lane entrance to bypass lines for up to three attractions. 

But then something unexpected happened. 

Genie+ became so popular among the visitors that its shorter lines ended up taking as much time as the regular queues.

And that is not the end of it. 

Everybody knows that even though Disney World is a top-class attraction worth visiting at least once in life, it is not cheap. The Disney Genie+ service costs $20 per day. And most recently, people who are interested in getting 1-day Genie+ tickets can only do so on the day of their visit. Lastly, they can only book in advance using Genie+ for a multi-day visit. 

So the question is, why is that a bad thing? Let us explain. 

The Disney World: Not a Single Day Experience

People dream about visiting Disney World one day with their friends and family. It is a theme park heaven filled to the brim with remarkable experiences and activities. But it is almost impossible for people to experience Disney World to the fullest in just one day. 

Choosing the Genie+ one-day ticket on arrival might save you from standing in a relatively long line, but on the other hand, that one-day visit will be nowhere near enough to get you through a memorable range of experiences at Disney World. Conversely, if you choose to reserve a multi-day visit with Genie+, you run a chance of going over the budget just to skip some lines that are now as long as the regular ones. 

Moreover, another downside of choosing the Genie+ service is that it doesn’t let you buy tickets from authorized ticket sellers like To buy a Genie+ ticket, you must use Disney World’s My Disney Experience App. Because of this, you can say goodbye to discounted tickets all year round and special discounts on specific occasions. 

So, how can you enjoy Disney World to the fullest while staying under the budget? There’s a way out.

The Way Out

Going with an authorized Walt Disney World ticket seller can save you from the trouble of cramming too many Disney World activities in a single day AND help you save more than you can imagine using the official Disney ticket booking services. 
For example, if you don’t want to pay the full price for 1 Day Genie+ tickets, you can not go wrong with the 1 Day hopper ticket. And if you are aiming for a long Disney World vacation, a multi-day ticket is the way to go. With sellers like, you can save up on tickets, vacation packages, lodging, rentals and more.