Orlando is a no-brainer vacation destination for thousands of people around the world. But it is even more attractive to families with kids. From Disney World to Fun Spot, Orlando is filled with a gazillion things to do for kids. But in this article, we’re going to talk about only the top 4 evening activities for kids in Orlando.

Let us dive in!


Medieval Times dinner and tournament

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament is the perfect place to teach your kids about Medieval history and tradition while they enjoy a four-course dinner. These shows paint a picture of an authentic medieval castle for the kids to experience the royalty and the knights. The dinner menu is exhaustive with various cuisines, including vegetarian options.


Disney Springs

Disney Springs is a magical spot for children. It is situated close to the Disney World theme park. Here children can roam around at their heart’s pleasure and take photos with their favorite Disney character statues, such as Cinderella or Winnie the Pooh.

Disney Springs also features a variety of exciting shops where children will find everything to their liking. The fun doesn’t end here as there is live musical entertainment close to the water and in various pubs spread around the area.

For food, you and your kids can head to the rainforest cafe. Apart from offering delicious food, your children will get to eat amongst the life-size replicas of amazing rainforest animals.



CityWalk is situated within the vicinity of Universal Studios and is a perfect contender for the best things to do in Orlando at night with the family.

One of the most famous experiences to enjoy here is the Bob Marley restaurant. This restaurant is a perfect replica of Marley’s Jamaican residence and features historical memorabilia spread throughout the house. Apart from great food, the house comes alive in the evening with live music.

If your kids want to cool off in the evening on their trip to CityWalk, they can jump in the Splash Pad, which is an awful lot of fun and doesn’t cost a dime.


Fun Spot America

Fun Spot is a famous kid-friendly theme park that stays true to its name. This Orlando theme park offers one of the best go karting for kids and adults alike. Not only that but this park is also known for its roller coasters, especially the world’s tallest SkyCoaster.

More in tune with kids’ preferences, Fun Spot also offers unlimited evening arcade fun with a vast selection of games, an abundance of rides, and many other things to enjoy. Fun Spot is a mix of fun and exciting activities for kids and adults alike.


Final Word

Orlando is synonymous with fun, excitement, thrill, and adventure regardless of age. But knowing how to travel and roam around in Orlando can save you a lot of money.

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