The Orlando theme parks and many of the big resorts are well equipped to deal with special food preferences and food allergies, so you should be able to find a great selection of vegetarian offerings, no matter where you stay. Disney World in particular is very vegetarian friendly, but you can seek out and find good veggie friendly offerings just about everywhere with the following tips:

You’ll find lots of vegetarian options in Orlando

  • Almost every full service restaurant offers a vegetarian selection — from grilled veggies and rice to pasta primavera. Let your server know you are vegetarian and he can make some suggestions for you.
  • Choose restaurants that are based on a vegetarian friendly cuisine — you’ll find more vegetarian friendly options in Epcot’s Japan (heavy on the rice, noodles and veggies) than you will in the Coral Reef seafood restaurant in the same park.
  • Buffets are a great choice for families that have vegetarian and omnivore members — everyone can choose their own entrees and sides, and dine at the same table.
  • Soups should be approached with caution, unless they are labeled vegetarian or vegan. Many have cream, chicken stock or beef stock, even if they don’t specifically list these ingredients.
  • Many Chinese food locations (including Epcot’s Nine Dragons) have vegetarian sounding entrees, the food may be prepared with chicken stock so ask before you order.
  • Salads featuring chicken, salmon or fish can often be made vegetarian by removing the meat item.
  • Call ahead is you are concerned about vegetarian offerings. If you are heading to Disney, note that every dining location has some type of vegetarian friendly option and a chef on staff, just in case you need help.