We might still be a long way from Halloween, yet Universal Studios is already sprinkling some spooky magic throughout its park with its latest announcement: the opening of the Universal Monsters: Creatures of the Night Tribute Store. 

Whether you were planning to use those discount Universal Orlando tickets to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Volcano Bay, or one of its other many attractions, it’s worth including this exciting temporary addition to your vacation itinerary. 

So, what makes this store such a special inclusion? Keep reading to find out! 

What is the Universal Monsters Tribute Store? 

As the name suggests, this shop is a one-stop shop (literally) for finding everything related to the Universal Classic Monster lineup. Take one step into the themed location and you’ll find a diverse range of scary-good photo opportunities, exclusive monster merchandise, and so much more. From clothing to plushies, you’re guaranteed to find an item worth spending your Universal Studios Orlando coupons on. 

Featuring a bounty of life-size figures and iconic movie set props, some of the classic franchises you’ll recognize upon entering the shop include: 

  • The Invisible Man 

  • Dracula 

  • The Phantom of the Opera 

  • Wolfman 

  • The Creature from the Black Lagoon 

  • The Bride of Frankenstein

  • The Mummy 

Of course, all of this is made to take photos of, so don’t be shy to strike a pose next to your favorite Universal creature! In fact, visitors can scan a QR code placed on the Wolfman have their photo taken with the iconic beast, which can then be purchased should they wish to take it home. 

Where is Universal Monsters: Creatures of the Night Tribute Store Located? 

You can find this temporary attraction in the exit area of Revenge of the Mummy. Though the ride is currently closed, visitors can still explore the shop to satisfy their cravings for some Universal horror magic.  

When Will the Universal Monster Store Open? 

The shop will likely only remain open for a few months, so travelers should snatch up their discount Universal Orlando tickets soon if they wish to experience it for themselves! 

This reason for its temporary lifespan has to do with the current renovation of the Revenge of Mummy ride, which is slated to reopen towards the end of the summer (the park is replacing the track’s steel to allow for a smoother experience).  

Once the ride is ready for visitors once again, Universal Monsters: Creatures of the Night Tribute Store will be replaced with the shop that previously stood in its place: the Sahara Traders. 

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Ready to venture into the dark depths of Universal’s special monster store? Don’t wait too long, as it’ll only be here for a short time! 

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