Fun Things To Do In Orlando That’s Out Of This World!

The Kennedy Space Center has remained one of the most fun things to do in Orlando ever since it opened to the public, and it seems as if the destination is dedicated to continuing this streak long into the future. 

The NASA location, which is most famous for being the organization’s primary center for human spaceflight launches, has recently announced the opening date of its next attraction: Getaway: The Deep Space Launch Complex. 

So, what exactly does this new development have to offer visitors, and — most importantly — is it worth a trip using your discount theme park tickets? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know! 

What is Getaway: The Deep Space Launch Complex?    

As NASA describes it, this attraction will grant visitors an exclusive and immersive look into the organization’s current space program, combined with a chance to “experience the interstellar travel of tomorrow.” 

At a whopping 50,000 sqft., the complex contains a diverse range of exciting opportunities for guests to plunge headfirst into the world of space exploration. Some of the most thrilling items include: 

  • An immersive 4D motion theater that lets visitors feel, see and hear what space travel is like 
  • An exterior façade covered with iridescent panels that reflect the universe’s magnificent color spectrum of purple, turquoise, and blue
  • A spacecraft collection featuring the latest developments in space travel technology 
  • Various interactive displays where guests can learn more about NASA’s powerful spacecraft, probes, satellites, and more 
  • Holographic imagery designed to teach guests about the James Webb Space Telescope 

Ultimately, the destination is guaranteed to be a hit for visitors of all ages. Whether you’ve been dreaming of soaring above the sky for decades or only have a small interest in space, Getaway: The Deep Space Launch Complex is crafted to educate and entertain visitors from all walks of life. Kennedy Space Center is launching this new attraction and is one of the fun things to do in Orlando. 

Where is Getaway: The Deep Space Launch Complex Located? 

NASA’s latest attraction will be built next to the Kennedy Space Center’s Rocket Garden, where visitors can see authentic rockets from Gemini, Mercury, and Apollo space programs up-close and personal. 

Of course, Galaxy is just one of many must-visit destinations within the Center. Some other notable locations include: 

  • Apollo/Saturn V Center 
  • Astronaut Training Experience (ATX) Center 
  • Planet Play 
  • Heroes & Legends 
  • Shuttle Launch Experience 

When Will Getaway: The Deep Space Launch Complex Open? 

Since it is currently under construction, the complex has set its current release date for March 2022. This is perfect timing, as March is known for having some of the region’s best weather — a prime opportunity to experience the best things to do in Orlando. 

Plan Your Journey to Kennedy Space Center Today 

Eager to reserve your spot at Getaway: The Deep Space Launch Complex? Well, you’re in luck, as admission to this attraction is included with our tickets for the Kennedy Space Center. Add Gateway to your list of fun things to do in Orlando for your next Orlando Vacation.

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