Are you one of the lucky few who will get a chance to celebrate your anniversary in Orlando? You’ve likely found plenty of options for fancy restaurants and over-the-top Disney adventures, but if you’re looking for more unique options you’re in the right place! Let’s take a look at some outside-the-box options.

orlandovacation_outdoor-movMovies under the stars

Grab a picnic basket, blanket, and your sweetie to cuddle up under the stars. Because the weather is so warm in Orlando all year long, it’s always a good time to take in an outdoor movie. Orlando Date Night Guide has created a great Guide to Outdoor Movies in Orlando that lists all the movies, their locations, and when they’re playing. Find a romantic movie, a hilarious comedy, or an action packed adventure and make a night of it.

Take a romantic trip into the clouds

There are several places throughout Orlando where you can hop in a hot air balloon and see the city like you wouldn’t otherwise see it. These trips happen nightly, though showers and thunderstorms can ground them for the night. Be sure you’re not afraid of heights, because this option will truly have you soaring over the city.

Laser tag like you’ve never seen it before

Who says your anniversary has to be sappy? Check out Hard Knocks, a unique laser tag experience that pits you and your spouse against one another with futuristic laser guns. These are not the laser guns you’re used to – they’re big, boastful, beautiful machines that will leave a mark – even if it’s only a mark on your pride. This is the perfect option for the competitive, adventurous couple.


Visit the local theater

There are numerous theaters throughout Orlando, including Mad Cow Theater, the longest running theater in the area. The shows rotate and include major productions of shows you’ve likely heard of, to small productions of shows written by local playwrights. You can also take a peek at some of the larger, smaller, and more specific theaters throughout the city.

Stay in for the night

Who says you have to go out to have an amazing time? It may seem strange to some, especially when you’re in an area with so much to do, but sometimes a quiet night in your own private jacuzzi is just what the doctor ordered. Order in some Chinese food, grab a pint of strawberries, a bottle of your favorite champagne, and just take the time to remember why you fell in love the first time you met. You can wake up refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to head back to the hustle and bustle of the Disney parks or Universal theme parks.

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