Are you gearing up for a trip to Orlando with your grandkids? As you prepare for the magic and excitement, there are numerous things you could forget. Don’t let these important must-dos get lost in the shuffle.

orlandovacation_kids-doctor-care1.         Notarized letter giving you permission for medical care

If something should happen while you’re on vacation, you’ll need the legal right to make medical decisions. This could be something as simple as taking the kiddos to an urgent care clinic for a cough. Get their parents to write a letter giving you permission and then have it notarized.

2.         Health records

Again, you’re hoping nothing goes wrong – but you never know! Have a list of all medications the kiddos are taking, or anything they’re allergic to. You don’t need a full, detailed medical record, but you do need to know the basic information that doctors will need.

3.         Toys from home

You’ll have plenty to do in Orlando, there’s no doubt about that! But don’t forget the long airplane ride or car ride – and don’t forget there will be downtime in your resort or Orlando vacation home. No matter how excited the grandkids are, they’re likely to feel a little disoriented and even afraid without their parents and familiar surroundings. When you bring a few favorite toys from home, they’ll not only have something to do, but they’ll have a little bit of comfort.

4.         Identification tags and a “lost kids plan”

orlandovacation_kids-id-cardKids get lost in Disney World every day. The good news is that cast members are highly trained on how to reunite the little ones with their guardians. However, you can make their job a lot easier by having identification on the kids. This might be something as simple as writing your phone number inside their shirt tag, or something as cool as having an ID tag engraved.

You should also talk to the kids about what to do if they’re lost. Depending on their age, you may pick a specific location for everyone to meet at, or you may tell them to go to the first cast member they find and get help.

5.         An autograph book

This one is key if your grandkids are fans of Disney characters. You won’t believe how much these simple books can cost in the parks! Just grab one before you go for $5 or less, and you can even let the grandkids personalize it before the trip. Not only will it save you money, but the kids will have something to get them jazzed about the trip.

And of course remember to pick up your discounted theme park tickets before you go! Don’t pay more in the parks when you can save with a few clicks.