So you’re planning a trip to Orlando with a large group. There are plenty of ways to get group discounts, but did you know that one of the most affordable ways to get accommodations is to rent and Orlando vacation homes? While some resort hotels will offer a block of rooms for a discount, don’t assume that these are the most cost effective option for you.

The Huge Savings Available in Vacation Homes

Many group travel coordinators are surprised to discover that vacation homes can actually be very affordable. In fact, some start at just $99 a night. Once you get past the first surprise at the cost effectiveness, remember that there are actually many other cast saving benefits.


  • Full kitchens. Every vacation home you rent from will come with a full kitchen. Imagine the savings if your group simply had a quick breakfast in your home every morning. There are plenty of excellent restaurants in the theme parks, but they can cost up to $20 per person, per meal. Save that money by taking advantage of a full kitchen.
  • Washer and dryers. Every unit also has a washer and dryer. This can save significantly on the cost of luggage fees. If you’re planning a week-long trip to Disney, that can add up to a lot of clothing – especially for parents traveling with young children. Having free washers and dryers to use can save on laundering costs and baggage fees.
  • Proximity to the parks. Some resort hotels are inconvenient to the parks, or require you to pay parking fees every day you’re there. When you rent a vacation home you can park for free and are within 15 minutes of Disney World.
  • Low deposit. When you rent through us, you only pay $50 down. The balance is due 15 days before your trip, and you can cancel at any time until that 15 day mark with only a $15 cancellation fee required. Many resorts require full payment upfront.

Of course, in addition to the cost savings, vacation homes can simply be more convenient. These homes have private pools and tons of privacy. They’re a great way to come home after a busy day at the parks and relax.