Our goal is to help our clients save money on their Disney World vacation, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to save the clients’ money prior to them even coming to town.




Here are 3 ways we help clients save money on their package deals:

1)       Book now pay later– If you and your family are planning to come to Orlando next year for summer vacation you could save yourself a lot of money and go ahead and book your Disney World vacation package with us today. Yes, we know Summer 2015 is more than 10 months away but booking early can have cost saving benefits…here’s how:

If you order a package deal today with lodging and theme park tickets we will reserve the package for a small $50 deposit. Once the package deal is reserved you have locked your cost in at what today’s ticket prices are…not what they are going to be when you arrive in Orlando. Typically the Orlando theme parks go up on their prices twice a year, usually in September and then another price increase around the first of the year. These price increases can be anywhere from 4% to 8% for each price increase. By ordering your package deal now you can save yourself as much as 15% on your vacation.

What are the downfalls to booking early? Really there is no risk, all require is a $50 deposit and the remaining balance needs to be paid 15 days prior to your arrival. If you cancel your reservation 16 or more days prior to your arrival, we will cheerfully refund you $35 of your $50 deposit…so your risk is only $15.

2)      We guarantee to always have the lowest prices– If you find a lower price on any other website for the exact same property and/or exact same theme park ticket we will cheerfully match the other companies price. I can honestly say that in 21 years of being in business this has only happened a handful of times.

3)       We use our tickets as a lost leader– We sell our tickets as cheap as possible to help our clients who book their lodging with us save money. Why do we do this? Simple, we want to earn your business.

We hope this article helps you to go ahead and decide to book your next Orlando vacation early. Please click here to go to our Disney World package section.