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Other Theme Parks

A Theme Park for Everyone

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of advertising and marketing done by the big Orlando destinations, but if you want to add some unique flavor and flair to your vacation, you won’t want to miss the smaller theme parks and attractions that Orlando has to offer. These niche parks may not have the advertising dollars that their giant siblings do – but each delivers a single, focused experience that you won’t want to miss.

Why visit the Orlando Area Attractions?

Orlando’s area attractions offer targeted, niche experiences designed to please a specific group or demographic. Love working with LEGOs? You can find a few fun models at Downtown Disney – or you can visit an entire theme park and water park dedicated to LEGOs at LEGOLAND. If you want to really immerse yourself in a specific niche, from NASCAR to dinosaurs, the smaller Orlando parks allow you to do so.

You’ll find fewer crowds at the smaller parks. Why? Because the target market is smaller, resulting in naturally lower crowd concentrations. Think about it — how many dinosaur-lovers will be visiting Orlando the same week you are? Compare the number of people who want to experience the kitschy charm of Gatorland with the number who want to meet Mickey Mouse, and you’ll quickly see why the smaller attractions are less congested.

Many of the smaller Orlando attractions have a strong educational twist, making them favorites with families and homeschool groups. Want to experience a full day of hands-on science fun? Visit the quirky and unpredictable WonderWorks, and learn as you play. Ready to brush up on some Biblical stories and verses? Head to the Holyland, and enjoy a spiritual oasis of entertainment.

Other Orlando Theme Parks

Here are some of our favorite Orlando theme park destinations designed with specific themes in mind, from Lego Land to the Holy Land. We’ve given a brief description of each and linked to complete information about each attraction, so you can decide which suits your family best:

Daytona, USA

Daytona Florida Beach Vacation
The official attraction of NASCAR, Daytona USA features a total immersion into the heart-pounding world of racing. If you’re a NASCAR fan, you won’t want to miss Daytona USA!

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Dinosaur World

Dinosaur World - Orlando
If you’re traveling with a would-be Paleontologist – or just love dinosaurs of any size, then Dinosaur World, the world’s largest dino-themed attraction is for you.

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Fun Spot Action Park

Fun Spot Orlando Vacation
Tired of waiting in lines and watching things happen? Jump in the drivers seat and take charge at the Fun Spot. You’ll find racing, arcades, rides and non-stop fun at this Orlando vacation destination

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Gatorland - Orlando
See live gators and crocs, ride the railroad and see some amazing shows – including live gator wrestling. This attraction has been pleasing fans for over 50 years, and is well worth a visit for animal and reptile fans

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Holyland Experience
The Holyland Experience features a unique mix of exhibits and shows with a Biblical theme. You’ll find amazing Easter and Christmas pageantry, along with a changing array of exhibits and shows at this religious themed attraction.


Orlando Attractions
If you are traveling with a child between the ages of 6-12, then LEGOLAND is a must-see attraction. From exquisitely rendered LEGO scenes to interactive and educational play zones, rides and even a water park, Florida’s latest theme park is a wonderful destination for the whole family.

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Orlando Wonderworks
If you’ve visited Orlando before, you’ve likely spotted WonderWorks – the “upside down” building on International Drive. If you haven’t gone inside, you’re missing out on some of the most interesting and eclectic experiences in the Orlando area. This is an educational, hands-on destination, with exhibits ranging from a hurricane ride to a bed of nails. If you love science, you won’t want to miss WonderWorks!

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Wet N Wild

This is one of the best water parks in all of the world. It sits in the heart of the travel district right on I-Drive, almost directly across the street from Universal Studios. This park is often overshadowed by Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, and Aquatica but trust us it is just as much fun for less money

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