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The Ultimate Universal Orlando Guide For Couples

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The Ultimate Universal Orlando Guide For Couples

Many people think that Universal Orlando Resort is only for children, but recently we have spent the most extraordinary holidays for couples in this magical world. From adventures in parks to the vibrant nightlife of CityWalk, from luxury hotels to gourmet restaurants, there is no better vacation for couples than at Universal Orlando Resort.

Whether you have children or not, sometimes you just have to escape to Orlando as a couple and what better way to ask for Universal Orlando packages for a lifetime adventure? Trust us when we say that this is not just for children but also for couples: there are many things to see and do, even for you and your partner! Forget the stress of adult life, free your inner child and read on to make the most of your trip to Orlando.

The Universal Orlando Resort could be known as a family location, though with several Orlando packages, world-class hotels & a variety of restaurants and bars, it is also a destination for couples. Do they go to special events or have fun together? Orlando is it a fun destination in the U.S. for some people? There are so many parks to visit and things to do, but for us the best option is to spend time at Universal Orlando Resort to enjoy exciting tours and terrifying experiences.

The complex now has 3 attractive parks: Universal Studios, Universal Islands of Adventure and Universal’s Volcano Bay. There are a number of attractions in these parks (just like at Disney World and SeaWorld Orlando) that concern us and the hearts of thousands of thousands of years looking for a honeymoon, a minimal place or just a pleasant vacation spot. Of course, we are talking about the magical world of Harry Potter.

Hard Rock Hotel

Universal Orlando Resort has six unique hotels to pick from. Though the sexiest of all, & perhaps most importantly, that attracts fewer kids, is the Resort’s Hard Rock Hotel. With its interior with musical relics and a sophisticated boutique atmosphere, these are an insurmountable Rock’n’Roll vacation. By staying in one of the six hotels, you will enjoy early access to the park as well as easy transport. You don’t have to worry about paying overtaking or parking every day. Some resorts are very accessible and all have this advantage.

The 12 thousands-square-foot pool offers live music & an underwater hotel sound system. Palm is the ideal place to dine & the Velvet Bar is attractive to people looking for wine or midnight deals until late at night. Rock and roll fans? Watch the program “The sounds of your living room”, where the Hard Rock hotel offers you an electric bass or an electric guitar to play during your visit or bring a record player with borrowed recording options. Between enjoying the amusement park & enjoying the pool, you may explore the musical memories of the hotel incorporated into the inner design plan.

Tip: Plan your vacation to overlap on last Thursdays of each month from the month of January to October, then order tickets for the Velvet session. Hard Rock hotel lobby has been transformed into a familiar place for live music, with world-most famous bands.


VIP Experience

Want to try Universal Studios Orlando with an ideal tour guide? Then book a VIP experience & get a private guide to accompany you throughout the park. Get exclusive services such as private tickets to the Universal Studios & Universal Islands of Adventure tourist attractions, get inside information & see parts of Universal that several park visitors have never seen. You don’t have to be a star to visit to Universal Orlando Resort ™ as a star. During a guided tour with VIP experience, Universal Orlando experts guide couples through the most popular attractions and benefit from numerous special benefits before, during and after the tour.

With a VIP experience, you will be personally accompanied by Universal Orlando experts on group trips led by Universal Studios Florida ™ or Universal Islands of Adventure ™ or both with 2 experiences in the park. Get exclusive behind-the-scenes access to entertainment with insider information and enjoy the park’s most incredible games and attractions without queuing.

Buy a one-day experience for a seven-hour tour with priority entry for at least ten attractions, or purchase a one-day experience for a five-hour tour with priority entry for at least eight major attractions in the park of your choice. A separate entrance to the amusement park is required.


Explore The Nightlife At City Walk

The party never ends in Orlando! Live music, energetic nightclubs, elegant theaters, secondary comedies and other options are part of our brilliant nightlife, as well as world-famous events like the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in November. Wherever you choose to live in Orlando, you will find a lively and lively entertainment district, including those presented here, in the surrounding area.

If you think Universal’s bars and restaurants close at 9:00, you’ll be wrong! At night, CityWalk has a fantastic nightlife, full of excellent restaurants and entertainment options. When the sun sets, CityWalk comes alive at the Universal Orlando Resort. With a variety of bars, clubs and excellent restaurants, CityWalk is a place for lovers who want to dance all night. Various entertainment and gastronomy options: “CityWalk has a 20-screen cinema, a variety of casual and elegant restaurants and shops for those who wish to take memories home.

One of the several advantages of staying at the Universal Orlando Hotel is its facilitated access to the Universal Orlando CityWalk that is just a short walk from the Universal Hard Rock Hotel. We recommend visiting Hard Rock Café to enjoy good food and music, margaritas in Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffett and end the night at The Groove with a storm or listen to the notes of Rising Star.

Photo by blog.universalstudios.com
Photo by blog.universalstudios.com

Ride The Scariest Attractions!

One of the advantages of Universal is that you can drive more interesting and adrenaline vehicles that young children might not appreciate. “The roller coasters at Universal Orlando are not for the faint hearted. Even the bravest adults will surely feel their hearts pounding in their chest,” said Oneika, a travel blogger at Oneika The Traveler. “In addition to roller coasters, Universal Orlando offers attractive and well-made 3D and 4D attractions that adults can only enjoy.

For example, I can’t help but honk at the level of detail and technology used for races like Skull Island: Reign of Kong (in the Islands of Adventure) and “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” (discovered) and playing the horn of Universal Studios), his actions were so amazing that his hair rested on his neck.”



Enjoy delicious dishes. If you imagine eating a combination for children with french fries and chicken wings, you are wrong. Apparently, there are several adult restaurants throughout the complex.

For example, many like to eat at Mythos, an award-winning gourmet restaurant that serves a mix of Mediterranean, Asian and American dishes. And during your last night in Orlando, you can eat at Mama Della’s, the Italian restaurant on site, Frutti di Mare and the famous Chicken Saltimbocca.

One of the main attractions for couples who want to go to Universal is the magical world of Happy Potter. This place is fantastic. The detail that is put into the construction of this place is incredible and I was really speechless when I first got it. Make the most of your time here.

Frozen butter beer is a favorite food, but even the soft ice cream at the Florean Fortescue ice cream shop is very good. The food at the Broomsticks 3 restaurant is my favorite in the park.

Photo by universalstudioshollywood.com
Photo by universalstudioshollywood.com

Be A Kid Again!

Whether you want to meet Mickey and Minnie at Disney or take a trip to Hogwarts at Universal Studios, the Orlando amusement park is the perfect place to hug your inner child! This area houses more than a dozen parks, so you can choose. Seat belt buckles to fight death or enjoy a cup of tea, watch great shows and collect iconic memories of pop culture. An unforgettable day of life, whatever your age!

So you don’t have children? This doesn’t mean that you can’t be a kid, at least for a short time. Now you’re on vacation in Orlando: reduce obstacles, order an ice cream from Waturi Fusion at Universal Volcano Bay and relax when you spend hours, if not days, talking with your partner. There is so much to enjoy at Universal Studios Orlando.