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Islands of Adventure

Universal Islands of Adventure

Universal Studios Islands Of Adventure

Islands of Adventure was built in 1999, and it is the newer of the two Universal Studios theme parks.  Islands of Adventure is a great compliment to Universal Studios for Islands of Adventure is the ultimate thrill ride theme park, while Universal Studios has more shows designed around popular Universal movies.

If you are going to be visiting Islands of Adventure we suggest buying the one day two park ticket or the Ultimate 7 day pass. The 7 day Ultimate ticket is only $28 more than the 1 day 1 park ticket and you get so much more. Discount Universal Studios Tickets .

As with any theme park, if you do not plan your days it can be a little overwhelming and much more expensive than most vacationers realize. We feel it is our responsibility to help our readers plan a great Universal Studios vacation without hurting their pocket book. The Universal Island of Adventure theme park is an outstanding park to visit; and yes, you can do it on a budget .

One of the more interesting facets is the history of the Universal Theme Parks. From its opening day disaster to the lighter and darker side of Universal Studios Orlando, these are great articles for you to read.

Background on Islands of Adventure Theme Park

The executives at Universal Studios quickly found out in order for them to keep up with Disney, they were going to have to expand from one theme park to two. In the late 1990’s Universal Studios and a slew of marketing firms starting planning their second park which was to be called Islands of Adventure.

Universal knew right up front, they could not compete with Disney, nor did they want to. What they determined was that a Disney vacation catered in great degree to families with small children. Universal found in their studies many teenagers left Disney World unfulfilled. Their solution of course was to construct a theme park that was focused on teens. What did they of course was to construct one of the premier roller coaster theme parks in the world.

Universal Studios Park Packages

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