Planning a vacation is equal parts exciting and overwhelming, but the mix can be even more complicated when you are planning a trip for a large group. We loved the tips posted by Smarter Travel in their blog Affordable Group Travel Tips. Take a peek at our favorites below.

Look into vacation homes

Their number one tip is to consider renting a vacation home – and for good reason! Vacation homes afford you a lot more room, are equipped with full kitchens, and often have additional amenities like private pools and Jacuzzis. They’re also a smart choice from a budget perspective. When you split the cost among numerous people, instead of everyone pay for their own room, you can save a significant amount of money.

orlando group travel rental home

Gather information about group airfare

Not all airlines offer group discounts on airfare, but some day. You’ll find that many airlines have either discounts or special services – but everyone must be traveling on the same itinerary. Some companies who offer group travel discounts and/or services include Hawaiian, Midwest, Delta, and US Airways. Some perks you may receive include discounted tickets, pre-reserved seating, packages, and even free airfare. You’ll find most airlines only offer these perks to groups with 10 or more people, though Midwest only requires a group of 8.

Timing, timing, timing

You’ve likely heard the old adage when it comes to investing in real estate: it’s all about location, location, location. The same is true of group travel discounts – except it’s about timing, timing, timing. If you’re able to plan trip during the off-peak season you’ll see significant discounts. If you must travel during peak times, consider staying on weekdays instead weekends. Note that Sundays are typically the day with the lowest occupancy for hotels, and as a result they often require a Sunday to be included if you want to take advantage of the best travel deals.


Don’t jump at the first offer you find

It’s common for group travel coordinators to simply want to get the big stuff out of the way, but the reality is that there may be great deals out there that simply take a little digging. Before you can be sure you’ve found a great deal, you have to be sure of what else is out there. Take your time, do your research, and make the best decision for your travel group. It’ll take some extra time but in the end you’ll be glad you did it.