One of the main reasons visitors to the Orlando area end up renting an Orlando vacation home is because it allows them to get all the amenities they want, the proximity to the parks they need, and the space that hotels won’t allow – and all for less than they’d pay at many resorts in the area. However, there are a few ways you can save even more money the next time you rent a vacation home.


It’s all about timing

It makes sense that the times of year that are more popular for travel would be more expensive to visit Orlando. This is certainly true of the price of renting the home itself, but it’s also true of almost all of your other expenses. While discounted theme park tickets are the same no matter when you visit, you’ll find many restaurants have higher prices during peak times, flights will be more expensive, and any type of special event or show you book will be more expensive during peak times.

Many people assume that peak times are just during the summer months but this is not actually true. In fact, the busiest time for the Disney parks all year long is Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The best time to visit as far as low prices and low prices are concerned are September, October, January, and February. Note that there are some 3-day weekends in these non-peak times that will bump up the cost and crowd levels.

Make some or all of your meals in your vacation home

Having your own kitchen is one of the biggest advantages of renting a vacation home, so be sure to take advantage of it! Why eat out at every meal when you can make your own meals in the comfort of your own home. Disney and Universal both allow you to bring outside food and drink into the parks. You can cook a family breakfast in the morning, head back for a mid-day lunch break and then bring your dinner into the parks. Or you can mix and match with some meals in the parks and some at your vacation home. Either way, you’ll save a significant chunk of change with every meal you prepare on your own.


Take a day off from the theme parks

Of course you’re in Orlando to take advantage of all the exciting theme park attractions and shows, but sometimes simply taking a day to rest can be just as exciting – and can save you a lot of cash! Rent an Orlando vacation home with a private pool and Jacuzzi and you’ll have your own little paradise that’ll be fun to explore for an afternoon.