When it comes to taking at teenager out of school for a trip to Disney, you’ll find people very passionate on both sides. Some say it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of more affordable prices and less busy parks, while others say it’s unfair to everyone involved. If you’re struggling with which answer is right to you, consider the follow questions and then make the decision that’s best for your family.

Does your school allow it?

Many parents don’t realize that in some school districts, it’s actually illegal to take kids out of school for vacation. In other areas, schools may have non-negotiable attendance rules that could result in some harsh punishment. On the other hand, there are school policies that provide up to five days of excused absences for school purposes. Take to your school and find out what their policy is before you get too far in the planning process.


How is your child’s school performance?

If your teen isn’t doing great in school, then taking them out of school is likely not a great choice. On the other hand, if they’re excelling and you believe they could catch up quickly, then it would make more sense to consider taking them out for a few days. You can also speak with your kid’s teachers to see if you can bring some of the work with you. Some teachers may even accept reports on the vacation for credit. For example, an essay about the history of one of the countries in the World Showcase may be a viable topic.

How does your teen feel about missing school?

Many parents just assume that their kids would love to miss school for a trip to Disney World, but remember that your teen has a social life all their own. They may not want to miss a big test, they may not want to miss a dance or sporting event at school – it’s best to ask them before you move too far forward with the planning. Of course you call the shots, but their opinion should hold some weight too.


What grade is your child in and how long will you be gone?

Taking a freshman out of school for two days is obviously a different situation than taking a senior out of school for a week. You’ll also consider the time of year you’re considering taking them out. You may think the week before winter break is a good choice, but in reality many classes may have finals or mid-terms at that time. Take the timing into consideration to assure your kids aren’t missing important academic deadlines and personal activities.