If you’re a single parent taking your kids to Disney World, you’ve got some unique challenges ahead of you. One of them is that you often don’t get to do the things you want to do because there’s no one there to help with the kids. The good news is that in most cases you can likely find a way to get it done anyway! A great example is the World Showcase. While this is often a favorite for the adults, some kids aren’t huge fans. Here are some simple ways you can make it more appealing to the younger generation.

world-showcase-passportGet a snack in every country

If your kids are adventurous eaters then they’ll love nothing more than trying a snack in every country. In some countries you’ll find really simple, comfortable, familiar treats, but in others you’ll find foods they’ve likely never heard of. This is a great opportunity to get them excited to move from one country to the next.

Have their passport signed

We’re not talking about a real passport, of course! We’re talking about the passports you can pick up at any of the gift shops in World Showcase. You simply take it to a cast member in each country and have them sign or stamp it. By the time you leave, they’ll have every country covered – and a cool new keepsake, too!

Take advantage of Kidcot Fun Stops

Disney knows that the World Showcase isn’t appealing to all kids so they’ve taken steps to try and make sure it’s as fun as possible. One way they’ve done this is by adding Kidcot Fun Stops. They’re not in every country, but in most you’ll find a booth set up with a fun craft or other activity for the kids. The booths are run by natives of the country hosting them so your kids can get a chance to talk to people they wouldn’t otherwise come into contact with. It’s a great opportunity to have a ton of fun, and, once again, get a great keepsake.

Go during a special event

There are numerous special events in Epcot every year, and if you have flexibility with your travel dates you can travel during one of them. For example, the Flower and Garden Festival features unbelievable flowers and topiaries, and the Food & Wine Festival has unique foods and tons of musical performances. These special events are included in the price of admission to Epcot, with the exception of a few exclusive extras that are certainly not necessary to enjoy the unique festivals. Your kids may get excited about the butterfly room during the Flower and Garden Festival, or perhaps trying a new food during Food & Wine. No matter what they love, you’ll be instilling a lifetime of love for Epcot!