When you’re traveling to Disney World with young kids it’s likely that plenty of breaks are going to be key to your success. It’s no surprise that meltdowns are more likely to happen as a child gets tired, yet you do want to maximize your time in the parks. There are hotly contested questions about whether or not a midday break or going to bed early work best for kids. Let’s take a look at a few of your options so you can make the right choice for your family.


Take an early break and come back to the parks around dinner time

One of the most popular options for parents of small children is to get to the parks as soon as they open, leave around lunch, and come back at dinner time. The main advantage of this option is that you miss both the hottest part of the day and the highest crowd levels. However, many young kids don’t stay awake much past dinner time so you may be dealing with tired kiddos.

Get their early and stay there until you’re done for the day

Another option is to get there early, stay throughout the afternoon, and when you head back to your Orlando resort or rental home to stay there for the day. This gives you optimal flexibility to assure the kids are in bed at their normal bed times, and can help you avoid meltdowns. The downside is that you’ll miss out on fireworks, nighttime parades, and many hours in the parks.

Take a break in the parks

Depending on how young your kids are, they may be able to nap in their stroller right in the park. There are numerous quiet spots throughout each of the Disney theme parks, and unless you’re visiting during absolute peak crowd times you should be able to tuck away and let the little one sleep.


You can also check out one of the Baby Care Stations located in each park. There mothers can go to nurse and there is plenty of quiet time for your little one. Taking naps in the park may require bringing extra stuff into the parks, but you can easily and affordably rent a stroller with enough room to store the things you need.

Play it by ear and be flexible

The reality is that you can plan all you want before you head to Disney World, but being there will be a whole new experience. Even if your kids have gone in the past, their needs and abilities have changed since your last trip. Listen to your kids, take their wants and needs into consideration, but remember that it’s up to you to make the right decision.